Five Easy Ways to Combat Loneliness

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Five Easy Ways to Combat Loneliness

Loneliness is a vicious foe for unbelievers.

It knocks people to and fro and causes them to live lives of isolation and defeat.

It is relentless to overwhelm. But as believers in Christ, we get to live in a very different way.

When Jesus purchased all that He did through his death and resurrection, He included this struggle with loneliness.

It does not surprise Him that we would struggle in this area. The battle over our hearts and minds through loneliness is quite real.

With this in mind, there are some very helpful steps we can take to combat feeling lonely.

The First Easy of the Easy Ways to Combat Loneliness – See it as a Spiritual Battle.

See loneliness as the spiritual battle that it is.

As believers, we are in a battle. It is real. It is meant to steal from us, kill us, and/or destroy us.

Additionally, we can all think of stories where loneliness has been stolen, killed, or destroyed.

People’s peace has been stolen.

The truth of who they are has been devastatingly killed or destroyed.

Relationships suffer.

Indeed, thinking is distorted.

Truly, there are so many destructive angles at which feeling lonely can affect us.

We must see that we are in a battle.

The Second Easy of the Easy Ways to Combat Loneliness – Suit up!

Suit up!

When a person goes into battle they dress for it.

In Ephesians 6:10-20 we are told about our spiritual armor and are told to put it on.

We have to know that our minds are covered through the salvation of Jesus. (In fact, 1 Corinthians 2:16 tells us that we have the mind of Christ.)

This armor protects us from the slanderer. Moreover, God’s Truth is our way to triumph.

We get to walk in peace. We have a shield that wraps around us in faith that protects us from the lies of the enemy.

And our weapon with which we fight is God’s Word. We can deal with any form of attack with the Word of God.

To win over loneliness, we must suit up.

A Third of the Easy Ways to Combat Loneliness is – Spend time with the Savior.

Third, we combat loneliness as we spend time with the Savior.

Usually, there is something we are believing that is not true about ourselves if we are being knocked about by loneliness.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you,” we are promised in James 4:8.

We are invited to bring our struggles to Him and let Him tell us the truth about who we are as believers.

Philippians 4:19 says, “He will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.”

This “all” includes emotional needs.

A Fourth of the Easy Ways to Combat Loneliness is – Refuse to live as a Victim.

We are over-comers!

Jesus has purchased the victory. Let us believe what He says is true.

It is not uncommon to feel the loneliest when in places where there are lots of people.

So go into those situations powerfully. When at a new church look for people who look more out of place and seek to encourage them.

Instead of listening to the enemy who says, “You don’t belong here. No one sees you or cares about you.”

Chose to remember who you are in Christ and step toward extending His love to someone else.

Absolutely… you can do this – in Christ!

The Final of the Easy Ways to Combat Loneliness is – Focus on Jesus.

So often we get sideways in our thinking because we have our focus on ourselves or the situation around us.

When we keep our eyes firmly planted on Him and our ears listening for the Truth in our lives amazing things happen.

When we know how loved we are by the King of Kings, the one who created the entire world, it is hard to spend any time feeling lonely.

As children of the living God, we are never alone because He promises us, in Hebrews 13:5-6 that He will never leave us or forsake us!

So let’s spend our days knowing that we are loved, chosen, and seen.

Loneliness has no authority in that sweet place of relationship with our Good Father.

About the Author – Betsy Pendergrass

Betsy, her husband Taylor, and their 4 kids are gatherers. Their favorite place to gather is around the table-and there have seen their sweetest relationships cultivated there.

In addition, she is a writer and has a website

Also, she is a teacher/speaker who has taught for decades at churches, retreats, schools, and at home. She co-hosts a podcast called Not All Heroes Wear Capes: A Mom Podcast.  

Finally, she is a lover of God and her greatest privilege is sharing the heart of our Good Dad.

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Loneliness. It seems like it’s all around us. People all around us are feeling isolated, remote, and even very lonely at times. Possibly, you are feeling lonely today too? Why not join us for some practical words of hope and inspiration? This session is all about finding community, friendship, and a sense of belonging - once again.


  1. Women Living Courageously


    Thank you for such an encouraging and helpful post!

    Also, thank you for pointing us back to Jesus. He is the one who banishes loneliness.

    You are a blessing!


  2. Adebola Adejumo

    The God of God is so plentiful in mercy because I have Jesus I am no more slave to fear.

    • Women Living Courageously

      Amen, Adebola!
      We are no longer slaves to fear!
      We are children of the Most High God!
      Blessings to you today,

  3. Elizabeth

    As a Christian mother of five adult sons, I have had a severe experience with empty-nest. We moved to a small town thinking the change would be good for me, especially. It has not as I left behind a group of friends who gathered at my home, once a month, for afternoon tea and fellowship. At 61, it is very difficult to find your place in a new church and surroundings. Much different than when I had all my children in tow. The past two years have been extremely lonely for me, and I can testify, if it were not that I knew the Lord was with me, each day, in my loneliness, I would not have made it this far. Crying out to Him today in prayer and asking Him for help in this situation, He has impressed upon my husband that we sell the house in the New Year and move back to our previous location. I will be going from a rather large, empty house, to a smaller condo near my friends and family, including grandson. I am thankful for these two years, even though they have been difficult. In my darkness, the Lord has given me a deep relationship with Him. He has showed me the importance of Bible fellowship and family, in even a more greater way. My new little home will be filled with Christ and be a place of hospitality and joy! Thank you for an affirming and helpful article. God bless. xx

    • Women Living Courageously

      Hey Elizabeth,
      Thank you so much for stopping by to share your story! Isn’t is sweet how real God becomes when He is all we have?
      Sounds like you have drawn so close to Him. Amen!
      Praying that God will bless you in your new home and fill the place with love, laughter, friendship, and community.
      We are blessed to have you as a part of our community!

  4. Joyce Tirop


    You are as lively as Melanie..
    I confirm what the bible says: “Birds of the same feathers flock together.”
    Thanks for such an inspiring text. Hopeless and burnouts are things we can’t escape to experience I one way or the other, but like you’ve said with God on our side,..loneliness or helplessness disappears.


    • Women Living Courageously

      Thanks, Joyce!
      Betsy is a fantastic friend!
      Sure do appreciate you and your encouragement!
      Hope you have a wonderful holiday~

  5. Margaret

    I am very lonely i feel like I have no close friends who is not merry. I am a single woman I need help.

    • Women Living Courageously

      Hey Margaret,

      Thanks for sharing your heart! I think we all feel lonely at times.

      I’m praying today for you to be encouraged in the Lord.

      When I feel lonely, I intentionally do a few things – reach out to others – even sort of good friends, call family, join a Bible study, take a class, get out in public around other people, and even talk to a trusted counselor or pastor.

      Also, we have just started a YouTube channel where we are sharing candid conversations with friends. Perhaps this will be encouraging to you –

      Hang in there! You never walk alone. God is always right beside you!


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